支付应用程序数据安全标准 (PA-DSS) 3.0 版

PA-DSS is the Council-managed program formerly under the supervision of the Visa Inc. program known as the Payment Application Best Practices (PABP).The goal of PA-DSS is to help software vendors and others develop secure payment applications that do not store prohibited data, such as full magnetic stripe, CVV2 or PIN data, and ensure their payment applications support compliance with the PCI DSS.Payment applications that are sold, distributed or licensed to third parties are subject to the PA-DSS requirements.In-house payment applications developed by merchants or service providers that are not sold to a third party are not subject to the PA-DSS requirements, but must still be secured in accordance with the PCI DSS.

Click here to download the PA-DSS Requirement and Security Assessment Procedures document.


为协助力求符合其标准(简称“标准”)的各组织,PCI 安全标准协会(简称“协会”)提供各类工具、问卷、指导、常见问题解答、培训和其他资料及信息。同时也提供第三方产品和服务,但协会不宣传或推荐任何该类第三方产品或服务,在购买第三方产品和服务之前,建议所有力求符合标准的组织熟知标准及相关要求。无论使不使用第三方产品或服务,也无论第三方是谁,最终均要达到所有适用要求的规定,从而符合标准。
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